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Growing & Harvesting Cut Flowers as Self Care

Updated: Apr 10

It was March of 2020. My very first large crop to sell cut florals for weddings was about to go in the ground.

I had ordered all my plugs, spending every last dime of my budget for that farming year.

My plan was to sell to floral designers for weddings, I had even planned the colors to match the colors popular for weddings.

As you may remember, the 2020 wedding season was cancelled.

I assumed no one would want my flowers.

Instead, that year, everyone wanted to give flowers.

If it ever needed to be proven beyond a doubt that cut flowers are not just pretty decoration and don't deserve being labeled as frivolous or an unnecessary extravagance, that year did it.

As I scrambled to cut my crop, l arrange, and delivered bouquets delivered to peoples doors, I was privileged to have a front row seat to just how important flowers are.

Im an unforgettable way, I saw their ability to resonate with peoples emotions, to soothe wounded hearts, and connect loved ones.

It is without a doubt cut flowers are unique - they fulfill a need nothing else can.

Growing Cut Flowers For Yourself

I’m going to make a bold statement. The act of cutting, arranging, and viewing your garden's radiant blossoms can add something to your life you never knew was missing.

The nurturing process of growing flowers is healing, and to giving them away promotes feelings of generosity and connection.

Health Benefits of Gardening

And of course there is the general benefits of the actual gardening. All types of gardening offer numerous mental and physical advantages:

- Exposure to vitamin D from sunlight

- Improved hand strength and dexterity

- Proven cognitive health benefits

- Increased serotonin levels

- Opportunity for light aerobic exercise

Getting Started Growing Flowers: Live Cut Flowers Education

I offer live hands-on workshops for smaller groups and gardening cut flower demonstrations for larger groups.

I'm offering a limited number appearances for my bouquet demo at no charge. Feel free to contact me with your dates to inquire availability.

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